Sunday, July 7, 2013

5th BJP Bracelet + Recipe

Okay, here it is. This bracelet went quickly; I believe because the central focal piece is so much larger than my other ones have been. It is a piece of Kuem Boo, a metal technique using gold leaf, created by my sister, Karen L Cohen. I'm also feeling more energetic, so I guess I'm playing with beads more often.

In addition to the Kuem Boo center, I used pearls, Swarovski crystals, onyx beads, and glass beads. I'm finding that I like just working with the center piece and color, rather than actually journaling this year. This is my fifth year being a part of the BJP and I really love seeing what all the other participants from around the world are creating. I've enjoyed the journaling in the past and was ready for something else to focus on this year.

I'm about to start my sixth bracelet but haven't yet decided what to use for the focal piece. That's my next decision when I'm done with this blog entry, and after I put all my beads away.

One Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf

This recipe has been tweaked a bit. It’s from FOOD52 online and the editor said that it’s Deensiebat’s. I didn’t ask permission to reprint it, so I hope it’s not a problem. I am giving credit where it's due. It's really delicious and not difficult to make.

Serves 4

2 cups salted water
1 cup quinoa (I like to mix both the regular and red quinoas)
1 bunch lacinato (dino) kale, washed and chopped into 1 inch lengths
1 meyer lemon, zested and juiced (They are out of season and I couldn’t find any, so I mixed both lemon and lime juices and added a bit of coconut syrup as the sweetner/ I zested the lemon)
2 scallions, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
3 tablespoons toasted pine nuts
¼ crumbled goat cheese
salt and pepper

  1. Put the quinoa in pot and add the water and salt.
  2. Bring it to a boil, cover the pot, and lower the heat to a simmer.
  3. Simmer for about 10 minutes and then top the quinoa with the cut kale. Recover the pot and simmer for another 5 minutes
  4. Turn off the heat, and allow it to steam for 5 more minutes
  5. While the quinoa is cooking, in a large serving bowl, combine half the lemon/lime juice, all the zest, scallions, oil, pine nuts, and goat cheese.
  6. Check the quinoa and kale when the steaming time is over. The water should have been absorbed and the quinoa will be tender but firm, and the kale tender and bright green. If not, add a bit more water and steam a bit longer.
  7. Fluff the quinoa and tip it into the waiting bowl.
  8. Toss to combine it all, seasoning with the salt and pepper to taste, and add the remaining juices if needed.



Sabine said...

Another stunning piece done! Congratulations, Susan.

Cyndi L said...

Lovely, Susan! I really like the pathways you created with the tube beads :-)