Thursday, June 6, 2013

Germany Part 6 + recipe

June 4 - Today was another beautiful day; that makes two in a row. We're on a roll! We're not in the area of Germany that is flooding, although I can understand the flooding with all the rain we've had.

I had a light schedule today, which allowed us to explore this morning. After breakfast, we drove for about 15 minutes in a direction we hadn't tried before to end up in Klingenmunster, to visit Landeck, an old castle. There's a restaurant there which we're told is quite good. However, we were there around 9:30AM and had no desire to eat. They have both seating inside and outside.

This is a small part of the inside restaurant.

The circular item is a target for arrows. There are lots of holes and the large indentation just above where the center is obviously where the better archers hit their target.

This a taken from a flat higher terrace. The views of the town and the countryside are wonderful, but I like old buildings.

We had to be back by 11:30, as we had an appointment with Dr. Migeod. Actually, we have a meeting with him daily, which is very helpful and reassuring. His English is very good and he explains things clearly. However, since he is so busy, he is rarely on time, although I feel we have to be there regardless. He didn't show until close to 1PM. As we hadn't had lunch yet and I had my hyperthermia at 1:30PM, he made arrangements to return between 5 - 6PM; he meets with us in our room. Off to Hyperthermia, back to our room for a rest, as it makes me a bit tired. I frequently doze while having it. I had my mistletoe shot around 4:30 and we waited for the good doctor to return. One of the nurses said something about it being boring being here as a patient. It's not!!! I read, have the internet, my knitting, and email, plus the beads I brought with me, so I am working on my BJP bracelet; it's coming along nicely.

Dr. Migeod came around 5:45PM. He had the results of my second urine test for PH. My PH has gotten higher, a 6, which is still a bit acidic but definitely better than the previous results of a 5; it should be higher but not higher than a 7. So, I will have two more sodium bicarbonate infusions this week, Wed and Fri, which will be my last day of treatments. We will leave on Saturday and then tour for about a week until our flight home on the 17th.

It's not just the hyperthermia which helps, it's also all the supplemental things, like the Vit C infusions, echinacea liquid, shots for the immunity system, the low dose chemo, sodium Bicarbonate infusions, Vit B shots (I've only had one as they last quite a while), and more, that makes the difference in the treatments here.

We finally made it to Le Cygne, in Wissembourg, for dinner. This is the third time we've tried to go there. I guess the old saying that the third time is the charm is correct. Dinner was delicious. We both had quail; the presentation was lovely and it was really delicious.

I have a full day tomorrow, the 5th, and it's also our older son's, Brian's, birthday. Love you muchly, Bri! He lives in CA, so with a nine hour time difference, we can't SKYPE him until like 5PM at the earliest. Oh well. I know it will all work out.

June 5
Another sunny day. We're definitely on a roll. It was a busy day with my vitals first thing, including an injection. Breakfast, then hyperthermia at 10:00AM. Meeting with Dr. Migeod, lunch, then the sodium bicabonate infusion around 1:30PM. Earlier in the week, we had gone to a Chi Gung class and enjoyed it; we both teach Chi Gung but not on a regular basis. The teacher asked the class how it was for us, did we feel anything different. Art mentioned that he taught and she asked if he would be willing to give a class. Today, around 4:00PM he did. There were about 8 people in the class and he was suppose to have 45 mins. Art started with some basic principles about Chi Gung and energy movement. He taught something called the Commencement, which is the beginning of the Tai Chi form he does. It is a short Chi Gung on its own. He ended up taking almost 1 1/2 hours of time, but everyone stayed and was interested. I feel he really made a difference in their well-being. Remember that all the folks are dealing with one form of cancer or another and the hyperthermia does leave one a bit tired.

We were able to connect with Brian after we had dinner, which is quite early, to wish him a happy birthday. I always love getting calls on my birthday! I started to sing HB to him and then stopped; our family's singing group is officially known as The Croaking Frogs. I felt it was a small present not to assail his ears with my singing.

We've met a nice French couple who are here for the 16th time. Serg has brain cancer and these treatments are helping a lot, but he has a ways to go. They are fortunate, as their French health care handles the cost of these treatments, since it isn't given in France.

June 6
Would you believe, another sunny day. Yes. Actually, it gets really hot in our room in the afternoons, due to our western exposure. Much better than the rain and rawness of last week, though.

Another busy day. Had my vitals, last blood test, and the immunity injection first thing. I had hyperthermia at 9:30AM but didn't get my Vit C infusion with it. During our meeting with Dr. Migeod, I mentioned that. He wanted me to have it, so I spent practically the whole afternoon on my bed. First I had the sodium bicarbonate infusion for 2 hours and then the Vit C for another 45-50 mins. There went the afternoon, as it wasn't all started until about 2:30PM. I read and worked on my iPad with mail and searching the internet. It really passed quickly. My hyperthermia today was my 10th and last treatment. Turns out we leave tomorrow, after my ultrasound, final mistletoe shot, and discharge consultation. Then, we're off for sightseeing, starting with Strasbourg and the boat tour we had to miss. Dr. Migeod doesn't usually give more than 10 treatments at a time, as he feels the body needs time to absorb all that energy.

Spicy Cuke Salad

This quick, simple salad from VN columnist Jesse Miner is the perfect addition to any summer meal. The bright flavors of lime, mint, and fresh jalapeños pop against the cooling cucumber base. Delicious, simple, and not your usual side salad—what's not to love? Enjoy alongside veggie burgers or crisp lettuce wraps. Actually, with anything.
Serves 4


3 tablespoons lime juice
2 tablespoons Bragg’s Amino Acids or tamari
2 1/2 teaspoons Stevia or 1 tablespoon any sweetner you like
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons mint, roughly chopped
1 teaspoon jalapeño, seeded and minced or a few flakes of dehydrated jalapeno
2 large cucumbers, peeled, sliced lengthwise, seeded, and thinly sliced
1/4 cup almonds or Brazil nuts, chopped


  1. In small bowl, mix lime juice, tamari, agave, garlic, mint, and jalapeño.
  2. Add cucumber slices and nuts, toss gently, and serve.

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